Settings menu - Configuring Easy Code

Available through the Tools-->Settings menu. It displays the following window:

General Tab

WARNING: If you are going to use the GoAsm headers, please see the Using the GoAsm headers topic.

Editor Tab

Includes several options allowing you to customize the editor.

Code colors


Tab size (spaces)

Line format correction

Show line nubers

Automatic indentation

Keywords syntax correction

Auto variable info

Auto parameter info

Constants and variables info

Enable syntax highlighting

Colorize API constants and structures

: In some old slow computers, it is possible that the editor scrolls slowly. If so, try to uncheck the Colorize API constants and structures option.

Compile / Link Tab

In the Executable files for building applications section, you have to enter the following files (placed in the Bin folder created by the ECGo package):

Assembler The path to the GoAsm.exe file (no other assembler will work)
Linker The path to the GoLink.exe file (no other linker will work)
Resource compiler The path to the GoRC.exe file (you can also use Microsoft's rc.exe)

while in the Location of Include folder and Help files for GoAsm tools section, you have to enter the path for the following locations:

GoAsm Include folder The path to the Include folder of the GoAsm tools path (i.e. C:\GoAsm\Include)
GoAsm assembler manual The path to the help file for the GoAsm.exe assembler (GoAsm.chm)
GoLink linker manual The path to the help file for GoLink.exe linker (GoLink.htm)
GoRC compiler manual The path to the help file for GoRC.exe resource compiler (Resource.htm)

IMPORTANT: This version of Easy Code has been programmed for the Jeremy Gordon's GoAsm assembler and GoLink linker, so no other assembler nor linker will work. On the other hand, even though you can use other compatible resource compilers, GoRC.exe is recommended.

Tools Tab