Configuring Option win64:n (All Project Type)

This option is available in the Project Properties window and ONLY applies to 64-bit projects being compiled with one of these three compilers:


For any other compiler file name, this option will not be shown and Easy Code will ignore it.

The n character will be replaced with the value entered for this option in the Project Properties.

For instance, a value of 1 will make Easy Code to internally insert the line Option win64:1 for all windows and/or modules in the project, so you do not need to write it in the source code.

The accepted values for this option are from -1 to 15, that is, values from 0 to 15 will make Easy Code to internally insert the corresponding Option win64:n line as said before, while -1 will make Easy Code to ignore it and no Option win64:n line will be inserted.

REMARKS: Not all the compilers mentioned before accept the same number of options, so you will have to see the documentation for each of them.