FindChar method


FindChar Proto lpszString:LPSTR, lChar:DWord (for 32-bit projects)

FindChar Proto lpszString:LPSTR, lChar:QWord (for 64-bit projects)


Invoke FindChar, lpszString, lChar


Searches for the specified character inside the specified string.



Pointer to the effective address of the null-terminated string where to search.


A DWord value (or QWord for 64-bit projects) containing the character to be searched for.

Return value

Eax/Rax returns the zero-based position of the character inside the string, or -1 if the character was not found.

REMARKS: The FindChar method expects lpszString to be a Unicode string if the application is running as Unicode, or an ANSI string if not (see the IsAppUnicode method). You can call FindCharA to find characters inside ANSI strings in Unicode applications, or FindCharW to find characters inside Unicode strings in ANSI applications.