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- RS MMedia -
(updated on August 2, 2009)

Multimedia control

A good multimedia ActiveX control with a very complete interface and a context menu which make multimedia development applications much easier. Lots of properties and methods.

Download your RS MMedia (691 KB)

- VTR Remote -
(updated on October 30, 2005)

VTR Remote

Excellent application which can easily control up to four VTR's (or any other device providing the RS-422 protocol) and behaves like the VTR it is connected to. With lots of functions (Play, Record, Edit, Autoedit, etc), ligths and indicators that get on and off giving an incredible real sensation.

Download your VTR Remote (128 KB)

- RS Slider -
(updated on October 30, 2005)


RS Slider is an ActiveX control with different options which let it to be highly customed. Very indicated for audio and/or video applications.

Download your RS Slider (628 KB)

- RS VUMetre -
(updated on October 30, 2005)


RS Vumetre is an ActiveX control which can control up to four channels measuring audio volumes from -40 to +20 dB. With much more properties than last version. Very accurate and professional, horizontal or vertical orientation and analogue or digital scale, with several options which can completely modify its appearance.

Download your RS VUMetre (636 KB)

- RS Comm -
(updated on October 30, 2005)

Serial communications

RS Comm is an ActiveX control providing asynchronous serial communications through a COM port. Try it with your applications.

Download your RS Comm (631 KB)

- RS Timer -
(updated on August 2, 2009)


RS Timer is an ActiveX control high precision timer very useful for applications which need to do any task every certain time.

Download your RS Timer (637 KB)

- RS VTR422 Plus -
(updated on October 30, 2005)

VTR control

RS VTR422 Plus is an excellent ActiveX control which can easily control a VTR, or any other device with RS-422 protocol.

Download your RS VTR422 Plus (645 KB)

- RS Light Button -
(updated on October 30, 2005)

Light button

RS Light Button is an ActiveX control useful for applications needing some kind of button that lights on and off according to a state. Backcolor of its two states (on/off) can be chosen by user and button can contain graphics, text or both.

Download your RS Light Button (621 KB)

- RS Display -
(updated on October 30, 2005)


RS Display is a simple ActiveX control useful to show some kind of information, for example a clock or some other display, in which user can choose backcolor, forecolor and letter size.

Download your RS Display (621 KB)