- Go tools / GoAsm Headers-

Go tools is an excellent set of assembly programming tools, maintained and distributed by Jeremy Gordon, including the GoAsm compiler, the GoLink linker, the GoRC resource compiler and the GoBug debugger. The Easy Code for GoAsm version needs the latest version of Go tools in order to be fully operative and building projects without errors. For that reason, an Easy Code specific package named ECGo has been prepared, which almost contains all necessary tools, folders and files. After unzipping the ECGo package, a folder named GoAsm will have been created. You should copy it to any of the existing drives in your computer, i.e. D:\GoAsm, G:\GoAsm, etc., not being the system drive C: (recommended).

Now you need to download the Edgar Hansen's GoAsm Headers, an execellent set of header files made for GoAsm, and place them in the Include subfolder (inside the GoAsm folder that was created in the previous step) so that projects can be built.

Download the latest version of ECGo

Download the latest version of the GoAsm Headers

Visit the Go tools web